public engagement

8703290841_9b9c1f4ddf_kThe Naked Scientists 2017

I appeared on a live radio broadcast in January 2017 talking about the more technical aspects of using optogenetics in the lab. Listen to the podcast here.

Mums in Science 2016

An article published about how I combine motherhood with my science career here.

Royal Society Summer Exhibition ‘Limits of Perception’ 2014

In 2014 CABI organised an exhibit at the the Royal Society Summer Exhibition. Neon lights, jelly fish and the wonder of clarity. We made a video about our exhibit here or read more about it on the CABI website here.

Video conferencing award won in 2014

The ‘How to become’ talks won an award in January 2014. Read more

How to become a… (2013-2014)

I have developed a collaboration with Virtually University, a videoconferencing outreach initiative set up by Bedford School, the University of Sheffield and the Sutton Trust. Using video conferencing to interact with many schools around the country simultaneously, I present a talk to 15-17 years olds. The talk tells my story from school to PhD and tries to inform and encourage young people about careers in neuroscience.

Consciousness with Marcus de Sautoy  at Latitude (July 2013)

I was at Latitude Festival in 2013 working with Marcus de Sautoy. He presented an audio-visual performance lecture about consciousness and the brain. I joined him on stage for a few minutes to explain fMRI, EEG and some other technologies that scientists are using to understand the brain.  The lecture was previously performed at the Barbican in March 2013, featuring Prof. Mark Lythgoe instead of me. Hear / see extracts

Famelab (2012-2013)

In Autumn 2012 I won the London and South East regional final of Famelab and went on to enter the national final in 2013. See pictures

Cheltenham Science Festival (June 2012)

In 2012 we teamed up with Bruker to install a tabletop MRI scanner in the Discovery Zone of Cheltenham Science Festival. We entertained thousands of visitors, scanning objects from the public. ‘Guess the fruit’ was a popular fixture with the kids.

Memory Podcast – in collaboration with PAN Studio (2012)

Co-founders Ben Barker and Sam Hill asked me to record a discussion with them about memory. As experiential designers they were interested to explore how we can enhance or secure memories of our experiences. Listen to podcast

Natural History Museum – Science Uncovered (September 2011 – 2013)

For the last three years I have been involved with a stall at the Science Uncovered event with colleagues from CABI. We present work that we are doing at UCL and try to explain how MRI really works!